Canada Risheng Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in July 2017 and located in Toronto, Canada and a member of RSSL group.

The RSSL has been engaged in the recycling of waste plastics for 20 years and have launched sites in Japan (PET processing), South Korea (HDPE processing) and Canada (ABS & HIPS). In 2003, the Tianjin Risheng Plastic Co. Ltd and Japan Risheng Joint-stock Company have cooperated with Japan to provide technical support for processing and environmental protection. In 2018, RSSL has cooperated with Gold Plastic Co.Ltd and opened a HMW/HDPE reprocessing facility in South Korea. Group Office for trading and distribution offices are located in the United States and Canada. We purchase and distribute prime resin, wide spec/off grade resin from the top fortune 500 companies and selling our reprocessed resin globally.

We are holding the protection of the Earth, reduce pollution, recycling purposes. Recycling of recyclable plastics, in the absence of secondary pollution processing conditions for recycling, our company to adapt to the Canadian national environmental development and the establishment of professional recycling processing enterprises.



Our aim at RSSL is to reach and surpass market customer requirements while upholding the qualities of integrity and professionalism – the very core principles that are widely praised by our customers.

In this new era of opportunities and challenges, we will be the new benchmark for talent and technology with a strong core of competitiveness in international business.

With advanced equipment and a professional team, we offer credibility, quality of service and efficiency that will continue to grow in an ever-changing economic tide.


“Turning waste into treasure, for the benefit of mankind.”
100% of our products are remelted and recycled. No landfills means no damage to the earth



Waste Plastic Solution

We provide independent, detailed solution and consulting for waste plastic and recycling. Our lab has Melt Flow Index Tester, Densitometer, Ash analyzer, Experimental pelletizer, Hardness tester, Impact tester, ROHS tester and Pellets Dryer. This enables us to assist in identifying the most efficient recycling solutions.

Toll Processing Services

Our plastic toll processing services allow manufacturers to recover and reuse production scrap by outsourcing the color sorting, grinding, pelletizing, and compounding of scrap plastics. It helps manufacturers be more efficient with their materials, decreasing plastic waste and increasing profits.

Marketing Services

We have worked with thousands of plastic recycling organizations to reduce and control waste expenses. We understand the commodity markets for plastic materials and monitor this consistently so that you are earning the revenue you should be.

Warehousing Services

We provide warehousing, trucking and shipping services; our warehouses are also environmental control facilities; plant parts have sewage treatment equipment, dust collector, MD pulse bag dust removal equipment, Noise control equipment and closed production workshop doors and windows; It will keep products clean and no contaminations.


Recycling Process



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